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♫ My names Jessica but everyone calls me Jess I'm 18, 8th September is my birthday. I'm engaged to one hell of a young man, but more about him later. I love music, writing, reading, singing, drinking, being with my family and friends and just being me ( : If you don't like the person I am, then that's your problem not mine. As I said before, I'm engaged to Ryan John Terry Smith, he is the only guy I ever wanna be with. He makes me so happy I could burst! 13.03.10 is our special day and to be honest it was the best day ever :D Since being with him, my life has got back on track and I'm sorting out everything and soon enough we will be living together and sharing a bed 24/7 and I really cannot wait :D I do post a lot of cute "love you" posts and if you don't like that, then I'm not goin to apologise because I wouldn't mean it and what is an apology if its not meant, its fake? I hate fake, the amoount of people I used to hang round with that were fake, I hated it, they tried to make me something I'm not. I'm so glad they are all out of my life and I don't have to pretend anymore. My life is 110% better without them :D I follow back and I follow people who post things I adore :D ♥

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I haven’t been on in a while.

Been so busy with training at work, and flat viewings

Found a perfect flat :D

Job is ace, just waitin for extra money to roll in then I can go go go and move in :D

Ahhhh, my own space :D my own bed :D

I can’t bloody wait :D


Hope followers ay missed me too much,i’ve been gettin home between 7-10 then goin bed at 10

so not much time on my hands :’)


Singin nellie the elephant at the age of like 5 at a hotel with this kids group thing there :’)

i robbed the mic cos thats how i roll :’)

I would like to move to the country, or just anywhere that isn’t Wolverhampton

Visiting, I would like to visit my nan in norfolk


kittyxxkatx3 Asked:
hiya, you like apple/macbooks right? i notice we have same style, so i thot id msg and tell you i got a free macbook in the mail today. its so beautiful. id figure youd want one too. all you gotta do is a dumb survey thingy takes 3 minutes for a new macbook(u gotta be crazy not to, not many left i think) i think its worth it. if ya wanna the website issss and happy new year =]

My answer:

spamming has come to tumblr?


has been mega ace :D

Good laugh with my matey Dan :D

Went up Telford then watched book of eli and took the mick out of it ( :

Got home and a bit of a downer but everything got better and my matey cheered me up along with the fiance :D

Gotta have more days like todayyy :D except the downer 

Start my new job Monday :D